Booking Policies


Dear client when booking a property on-line please make sure you select the correct date, month and year; very important to select the correct property. Please make sure to coordinate well your flight arrangements with your booking, once your payment is received you will hold a very brief time frame to change your dates without penalty. See: Time frame for reservation date modifications.

If you have booked a unit and have noticed you have made a mistake please e-mail us immediately to assist you, at: or feel free to call: our toll-free number: (604) 288-7874.

Payment Conditions:

Initial Payment: Initial payment will be 50% of the total reservation; paid on booking date or within the 3 labor days given as maximum time frame for finalizing this first payment , if not received by then our system will cancel your booking immediately and you will have no right to claim. You may request to re-book the same unit but you will be conditioned to pay at that moment.

Balance Payment: Will be due 30 days before the arrival date. If your payment is not received by this date your reservation might be canceled. If you have a situation that interferes with you concluding your payment or need an extension; please, let us know at:

** Any new reservation that is made within 60 days from arrival date or less shall be paid in full 100% on the day of booking, or a maximum of 5 days after.

Damage Deposit: Security deposit for any possible accidental that damages occurred during your stay to the unit and or any of its premises, is mandatorily required, to be paid in cash at arrival. Please notice this charge on your booking confirmation, refundable at departure after revising unit & contents. This damage deposit will be return in cash at the end of your rental period, as long as no damages are reported by our checking out concierge, which is the person that revises the unit previous to your arrival, if you notice any damages in the unit please report to our concierge as soon as this happens to prevent you been held responsible.

** The Lessee releases the owner and Albago Estates from any liability in case of accidents, theft or any other inconvenience during the stay of the guest on the property.

Payment Forms

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Direct bank
  • Wire transfer
  • Swipe card
  • Paypal

Bank & commission fees: (***)

Time frame for reservation date modifications

If you need to update your reservation, add more days at the beginning or end, it is necessary that you contact our rental agent at:, they will update your booking; if the dates you are asking for are available they will be confirmed to you, with a new confirmation letter.

If you need to reduce the number of nights you also need to contact one of our rental agents. 1 or 2 night reduction is permitted, within 7 days after your booking without a penalty.

If you need to reduce more than 2 nights, please contact our reservations department for assistance.

Any reduction that is made after the 7th day period will be penalized with 20% of the cost per night. If still within the secondary time period to make modifications, which is (45 days) after the initial booking date.

After this period, No- reductions will be accepted, and it will be handled as a cancelation.

Cancelation time frames will be applied.

Rate Notice:

All rates are in American Dollars. The price that is on your confirmation will be your rate. The rate that is on your confirmation will be your definite price (Bank Fees are not included). Therefore there will be no discounts, compensations or special considerations of any type.

The rates can change at any given moment without a previous notification, but once you have received your confirmation your rate will not be modified.

Any unit that has a discount will be advertised with it, and it will only be applicable for the dates promoted.

Important: Any error that is detected will be modified to reflect the right information, and you will receive an updated confirmation with the correct pricing, and also underlining the before incorrect information. The error can be on availability, rates or other. In either scenario the rental agent is entitled to let you know where the mistake was, options & procedures.

Please note: when an individual property, condominium, villa or home has its own booking policy and these are more restrictive than the one Albago Estates, the properties personal policy will replace the one Albago Estates has. Same applies for damage deposit policies.

The information is included in your reservation confirmation, under property policies.

Cancelation policies & time frames

Since beachfront destinations are always or most of the time booked 1 year or even 2 in advance; we highly recommend you purchase vacation insurance, all reservation cancelation requests must be manifested in written form to:

In case the tenant would like to cancel the present reservation, he will lose 100% of the amount delivered as a deposit, not accepting claims.

75 days before: If the lessee is canceled before 75 days prior to the arrival the owner and the management team will do everything possible to rent the property during the dates reserved by the tenant, in which case they will be reimburse 100% of the deposit minus the 20% charge for a penalty, if the Owner or the management team could not rent the property on the exact dates reserved by the tenant. The payment received as a deposit will not be refundable.

Less than 75 days: In case the tenant wishes to cancel his reservation within the period of less than 75 days before his arrival, the owner will not be responsible for reimbursing the money received.

* Reservation may be transferred to a family member or friend, as long as you take care of this transaction, by sending us their full information and not exceeding maximum occupancy. Must always notify the reservations department so a new Reservation Confirmation is processed otherwise will not be valid.

*In the event you are not able to transfer this reservation, we offer you our help to find another client for the same time period, if this happens 50% of the monies received from you will be refunded only, until the new reservation has paid their initial deposit.

*You may not by any circumstances, partially or sublease the property.

Natural Disasters – Climate Limitations & Late Arrivals

What happens when my flight is canceled or postponed due to climate conditions? Over the years we have had many scenarios, where climate conditions (snowstorm, hurricanes, or other situations) cause airlines to postpone flight departures. If this were to occur, you will maintain your reservation with us, however, the arrival date stated in your contract will not have the right to extend or modify stipulated departure date, Nor will be entitled to a refund for the nights not used.

What happens with my booking when the airport has been closed in Puerto Vallarta due to hurricane alerts, climate conditions or natural disasters and in my city all is well?

The decisions taken by government or private institutions (Airports-Airlines) that cause delays in your arrival will not be motive to hold us liable for any inconvenience, nor hold us accountable for expenses off lost nights & flights modifications incurred. You will have no right to claim tender of possession, for whatever reason of this type caused your late arrival, since they are situations beyond our reach. There will be no reason to request, reimbursement, cancellation, replacement of lost dates or special considerations.

What happens if I can’t fly and my reservation has expired?

** If any considerations on our behalf were to be applied, this will only be with an approved authorization from the owner of the unit you have booked, and since the criteria from owner to owner is always different, this is not a guarantee of favoring your inconveniences, but it’s always an option we could look into, we are always in the best disposition of helping all of our clients.

(Most common scenario is owners will credit nights lost for next stay in the same unit).* If this applies it carries its own conditions, for more details about this, ask your reservations agent what these are.

Rules and Regulations

Responsibilities of the Guest: The Lessee agrees to keep the property in good conditions and give exclusive use of the home-room. The lessee also agrees, to respect and abide by the rules and regulations established by the development, for the unit they have leased. By no means may the Lessee sublease the property.